Sorry for all the crazy questions:). Each spike forks into two branches at the top and has several branches along the way up, all with blooms. When all the flowers have fallen you can cut the stem back as shown here…,, Here is my post on flowers falling off naturally…, Yes it’s safe to cut the stem back now and that is usually how I do it. It was probably suffering from being overwatered and then transported to a store with no natural light. Thank you SO much for this incredibly easy to understand and informative page! Mine normally did not but this year I have three that have spiked twice in a year – which is new for me. How much and how often are you watering it? During all this, a new shoot grew from the base. Mass production of orchids in green houses forces them into bloom (which in itself does not hurt orchids) and then they are shipped to stores. For orchid varieties with pseudobulbs, cut the stem just above the pseudobulb. Yes I would cut the spike back and don’t water it till it’s completely dry. When and where do I cut it to make it rebloom again? Is it predated? I did this, continued watering and fertilizing it like normal but I haven’t been able to get it to re-bloom. I like bigger blooms the next season. Unfortunately this can lead to them rotting and dying. Again, I mean not disrespect. I am so disappointed this is the first time I have actually had one spike let alone two. I can’t decide if I should cut off the bad stuff and repot it now, or wait till its done blooming… the person I bought it from says the black spots on the leaves are normal, but I don’t really believe them! I will repot to freshen everything up but do you have suggestions, is something wrong. A lot of store bought orchids are sold in non-draining pots which can kill them. You can wait till this loses all the blooms to cut it off or cut the branch that has already lost its blooms. Thanks for your help!!! Artificial Flowers Natural Real Touch Orchid - Beautiful Faux Orchid Stem - Home Decor Faux Flower FionaSupplyCo. Thanx for being there for us myfirstorchid! Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to My First Orchid with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. This post will cover what you should do with your orchid stem once your orchid is done blooming. One part of the ” fork” is turning brown with no flowers on it anymore ( it did have quite healthy flowers earlier). The other spike, still the original one the plant came with, never dies, and has continued over the years to grow a spike or bloom from it, with lots of flowers. If I trim back the stem that no longer has blossoms on it, do I still need to replant it even though I just got it? Where to cut? Do you have any insight as for how to care for this double-spike orchid? I have had a miniature orchid for several years and the latest stem has 8 blooms but I’ve never cut them back and it is way too tall now. How do I send or post pictures regarding my plant? Should I cut the stems back? that is starting to look very cramped in it’s tiny (maybe an inch and a half) diameter pot. Typically orchids bloom in the fall so it may just be off schedule. From shop FionaSupplyCo. And who should I be watering it and what’s the best living condition in my home! My question is, do you think I should cut both stems off? Hi. Where I cut it is no longer healthy and green– just kind of dried out… It’s not all the way down the stalk maybe just 2 MM from the top. 2. More on when and where to cut Phalaenopsis orchid flowers stem … I guess I'm a soft hearted gardener, ... After pruning and clearing (dried dead roots, dried leaves and all) I was surprise to find that the whole pile was not so big after all. My question to you is if I should go ahead and cut the spike down to the base now? An orchid flower stem, once it has been cut off, never re-grows on the same place again. I don’t wait for the stem to turn completely brown. When I say “done blooming” I mean ALL the blooms have fallen off and your orchid stem is turning brown. Orchids typically bloom once a year. Do I have to report my orchid plant? But the people who say to wait till they are growing out of their pots – I would disagree a bit. Artificial Silk Orchid stem latex 75cm Purple with 6 flowers. I have a phalenopsis orchid that I got for Mothers Day . You should cut the stem back. FYI: Many times when we get orchids into our homes that were mistreated before we got them. my mil has a lot of orchids and she takes very good care of them. Are there leaves growing off the stems? I was concerned that maybe it needed to be repotted or that there wasn’t enough orchid potting mixture? Thanks so much! I don’t don’t do anything with it other than watering it when it is dry. It blooms beautifully and has sprouted some new leaves along the way BUT it has some old very dry wrinkly leaves as well. It would make the orchid so much prettier. Stems: I cut mine as close to the base as possible without clipping anything else. It shouldn’t effect the one that is growing well if you do this. Also, am I able to trim the top of the other stem even though there are still blossoms there? Thank you so much and it would help me if you can answer it. I recently bought an orchid that has a double stem/flower spike. I didn’t know it wouldnt immediately start producing new flowers, as I am new to orchids, this is my first one. Was it in flower/bloom when you repotted it? When do you think I’ll get a new shoot?? My Orchid lost it blooms in feb, It since has grown 2-3 big leaves and now notice it growing off the old spikes with buds. What is it potted in? Thank you Hannah , I don’t want to lose it , it was a special gift . Surprised me to see that the roots are firm and white (they are visible or overgrowing so it definitely needs to be re-potted but I am nervous. For example, a dendrobium or spray orchid (Dendrobium spp.) Are you asking what happens to them after they die in nature? The blossoms began to fall off and the stem started to turn a yellow/brown color also. It’s in my cubicle at work; fluorescent lighting. i know this is an old thread, but desperate here. The only reason I would repot is if you put it a huge container. You want to cut the stems down to the base, Hi hannah thanks for your reply is that at the first node bit I cut to then? Even on the brown stem. The flowers are just as large as the initial bloom. As an avid orchid grower and garden writer, I often cringe at most online orchid advice. I will send you a picture, and I would really appreciate your feedback. Now what should I do? Is it dying or still growing? My problem is that both have now started to show light brown flecks/dots on the petals and the orchid is starting to look weary. I cut one off – just the brown part. Wish me luck!!! I always cut mine back. On the tag that came with the orchid it says to water with 3 ice cubes a week. I currently have the orchid in my bathroom, by my sink, not in a window, could this have something to do with it? “Make sure it’s potted in a singular pot (not two pots) with a drainage hole and only water when it’s VERY dry. So I think I should repot but should I do something to get the roots back into the orchid soil? It was a gift and I got it while it was blooming so the stem is still very tall but only no flowers. As long as the window is shut it will be fine. PS – loveeee this blog! Let your orchid completely dry out and then only water when it’s super super dry. Salts from fertilizer can also build up in the potting medium over time and may cause burning and drying of stems, so flush the pot out freely with plain water every few weeks to prevent this problem. What should I do? However, my gut tells me that it is probably too soon since the plant just dropped its blooms. As shown in How to Water post. I water once a week. Again thank you, You are welcome and best of luck! Hello, I left the full stem over the winter after the flowers fell off. The rest was green. I only water them when dry (very dry). Should I leave it alone till all the blooms die and then cut at the base. The seller gave me a partial refund after I told them it was rotting, so fingers crossed that it lives, but not a huge loss if it doesn’t I guess. Every 1 ive bought has died so im hoping this one makes it. It dropped flowers once but then immediately started forming new buds on that flower stalk and sent up a second one a few weeks later. I have only ever seen two. Wish I could attach a picture. Paul. I just didn’t know if I needed to do anything special. Is that important? I know a lot of people who choose this option, IF the plant has a large root system. In the mean time…, No Drainage , Fertilize 1,2,3 and 4th you only do water. How many months has it been on bloom. Is there anything I can do to help heal it? If you google pictures of orchids you should be able to tell what kind it is by the leaves. I have a clay pot with what appears to be 3 separate Orchids. Thanks Not wet. However, hasn’t turned to a dead, dry paler brown like its two flower stems did last year. After keiki started forming plant continued to flower. I always use this option because I am looking for a fuller bloom in the coming year. After orchids are done blooming the stems should die back completely. Cindy H. Yes you can cut the non blooming one back – it won’t affect the other one. I was given an orchid and put it on the window ledge where it was exposed to steam from the slow cooker over several days. Thanks so much Hannah! Give it a clean cut using a sharp tool making sure not to damage the pseudobulb or the leaves. They will naturally turn brown and die. I have a lovely orchid that has one spike. she doesn’t do a thing with them and they are flourishing., The pot is plastic with drain holes in bottom. When I bought it, it was mostly buds that all opened. Most times an orchids blooms falling early can be normal as shown here…, Orchid blooms falling off naturally I always questioned this. Cutting a stem back Those top roots are called aerial roots and you don’t need to worry about those as shown here…,, You do want to take it out of the decorative pot as shown here…. Once these last two fall off there will be no more blooms left. Make sure it’s potted in a pot with a drainage hole and only water when it’s VERY dry. The constant blooming, i think, is killing the plant, as the leaves have begun to turn yellow-ish. Thanks, Hannah! Blooms have fallen off and now am wondering when I should trim back the stem, also when should I consider cutting the keiki and repotting? Please give me your input and advice as to what to do. Any chance you could send me a picture at I recently repotted my first orchid(phal) according to the directions that came with the orchid.I then put it in a semi-dark room for a week. When it had flowers on, it was brown. I’m a fairly new orchid owner and one of the buds on my single spike orchid has begun to wilt. Thanks to your advice I will cut it right back after these have fallen as I think the reason why my leaves go brown is because all the energy is going to the very long stem. The question of what to do if the orchid has dried up the stem sooner or later rises before almost all growers. I have an orchid (present)which has been flowering for about 4 months. My leaves are a healthy green. Hi there, I already cut the spike. I am so excited for you and best of luck, I know this is an old post…but it has been very helpful to me Thank You for sharing . Thank you for the response and Happy New Year. The initial indication of that problem varies. That is great news!! Also you can always email me pics of it at Is that what you mean? May I also give that after cutting off the spikes? I would enjoy it because most people only get a month or two. Trimming of orchid roots should be done when re-potting the plant. One of my older Phal’s always shocks me by having flowers that last 10-11 months each year!! View our privacy policy and terms of use. I have only ever seen two. So glad to hear everything is going well! Do I place the plant in the same area that it was or does the plant need to be in a dark area or should it have more of sunlight? I also had an orchid as a gift that bloomed once and then the stem died. Is it dying? Hi How to water I think I need to buy a few more! Now that third stem have bloomed for several months and I trimmed it back when the flowers fell off. Handmade artificial Orchid In Pot. My orcid has one new leaf, healthy Roots but no stem. Orchid’s roots are very susceptible to root rot and this is caused by constant moisture around its roots. Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. I say whatever works for you then go ahead and do it! Then sprinkle cinnamon, yes the natural stuff in your cabinet, on it to help it fight off bacteria. Your repotting was totally correct – good job! The general rule of thumb when cutting spent flower stems or spikes from orchids is to cut them off at the base. Thank you for the sweet component about the blog! It sounds like it may be getting too much water. Placing a plant far from windows, doors and vents can help prevent bud blast, as can growing it on a tray filled with moist pebbles or frequently misting all its parts with water. I just bought an orchid. Can you send me a picture at Do you know why that might be and should I cut it again above the next node down? For some types of orchids, a flower stem that dries up completely can be normal, indicating that the plant is finished blooming and ready to start a new growth cycle. I would love to help. I would love to help! Well we can hope it will grow another spike. Should I repot it after I clip the stem down? So maternal…. First check to see if it’s in a draining pot. I have a good drainage pot with bark and water when it feels dry (usually about every 10 days or so. HeHe). Loves Tip. So clear and helpful. In the mean time check out and see if some of things I say match up with them. Option #2 – Cut it back right below the brown part of the stem. Homescapes Small Potted Orchid, Cream Orchid with Lifelike Leaves, stem and Silk Flowers, Suitable for Office or Home. Hope you can advise! The only reason I suggest repotting a new orchid is most of the time they are sold in pots that strangle their roots and suffocate them to death as shown here… I can almost watch it grow. Most likely it bloom again with one stem. Although a vigorous plant can have a second flower spurt after the first group fades, in many cases the stem will slowly dry up and eventually fall, indicating the plant is ready to produce new young leaves in preparation for its next bloom period. Or do you think that they continue to grow and bloom and the other flowers will stay? I can send a picture if need be? Is it potted in a pot with a drainage hole? It seems strange to cut off the beautiful, green stem. What went wrong? I have been caring for my first orchid – a lovely store-bought Phal – that I have recently transferred into an appropriate pot, with new bark, and started a feeding cycle. Hi Hannah, very new to orchids but love the challenge. Just a quick thank you for this site. Great job on your other orchids! I recently repotted it before the blooms had fallen off the pot the Orchid came in was a plastic cup too small for the roots and with no drainage and I wanted to get it out of that right away as to avoid root rot. Thanks! Peroxide ariates the roots. When your orchid looses it blooms you can repot it after to make sure all the pest are gone. My plant only has 2 leaves left but opted to try for one more flowering. Thank you for all you do for us! My question is I have one plant at home that has two new orchid plants growing off two stems. If not we can figure it out here. I forgot to mention the older spike is currently in an ending bloom with two still opening flowers at the end. Should I wait to cut off the top part of the shoot that bloomed last year or go ahead and trim that back to the new shoots? Hi, I have an orchid I purchased a while back. You can revive an orchid plant by repotting it in some fresh growing medium. Any chance you could send me a picture at Your blog has helped me a lot with caring for my Orchid! Should the roots be so dry/brittle? Is there a way I can rescue these plants even if it means cutting them right back? Mites are best controlled by spraying with insecticidal soap, diluted at a rate of 6 tablespoons per gallon and applied until all plant parts are dripping. Thank you again so very much for saving my darling plant and easing and educating my mind that I can and am properly caring for my orchid. I have two questions! Thank you soo much for this post! The only positive thing about cutting them sooner is you may get bigger blooms next year. I cannot find the same answer online, everything I rewd is completely different. There are many reasons an orchid won’t bloom. I bought a blue phal full of blooms and it even had little blue petals growing out from the stem, which made me think i would have new blooms. I was trying to attach them to stakes and cut one off completely at the top lost about 2 inches of the brand new spike. Hi! I always cut my spikes down to the base to conserve the energy for next years blooms but a lot of other people do it your way. This is a tremendous insight and help for me, so thanks! One you initially repot them from their “death sentence” then you don’t need to repot then again for quite sometime. As far as it trying to bloom – it may be experiencing bud blast because of the rot. My Mom was given an orchid when she was in the hospital. What I should do? Hi, It originally had two spikes, one which eventually died and I cut back. produces a flower stem at the end of each of its leafy canes. How are you watering it? It had very large flowers. It probably used up all its energy growing three spikes. Should I cut the brown off above the top branch? I also don’t wait for my orchid stems to turn brown. Every since I’ve had this poor thing it’s never stopped blooming. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. “There have been several new roots and new leaves, and the leaves are super thick and green, so it’s definitely not dead.”. I am going to cut and past some of your questions to help keep then separate –, “The ‘stems’ are less than an inch from the base and are brown and dried up [like hard sticks] but no signs of new growth and no new stems.”. Should I cut the stem? I understand wanting to save an orchid I have many that were given to me for a special occasion that I am quite attached too. From shop BayHarborBeauty. The leaves at the bottom ( normal growth) have died and fell from the plant. I am pleased to announce that I have a new shoot!! My Phalaenopsis orchids start producing shoots around November. Drying orchids yourself requires floral silica gel, which can be found at many craft and art supply stores. The 2nd had 7 and now I’m down to 2 blooms. I welcome your thoughts and advice- thanks so much! If the flowering is apart of the same stem you can cut the brown part off or leave it and wait till the whole thing is done flowering to cut it. 4.4 out of 5 stars 59. Thank you for the sweet compliment and best of luck, Hi, I’m a newbie orchid owner. And you would have to cut if off anyway. Thank you! India Dried Orchid, India Dried Orchid Suppliers and Manufacturers Directory - Source a Large Selection of Dried Orchid Products at dried apple ,dried fruit ,stock fish dried from India I would cut the blood stem down to the base because when it blooms again (sends up a new spike) it will be from an entirely different spot on the orchid. Make sure its in a pot with a drainage hole…, Hello, I got scared & left the other alone. Thank you so much for this blog. The stem has never regrown in the least but the leaves sprouted out another beautiful big leaf and it’s now been 5 months with 3 beautiful healthy leaves but no stem. Great blog you have here. Once these last two fall off would it be best to cut the entire stem at the very base? You can always send a pic to, Thanks so much for the advice. Use orchid mix that is specific to your orchid and pot it up one size – orchids like to be snug. When the blooms fall off cut it back to the base. Do you have any in your collection? I’ll just leave as is! According to orchid experts, you should definitely not remove the roots. I have managed to pull that off by mistake and now there’s a hole in my plant from where it snapped. Should I cut back to the root? I was looking for the exact thing since few day . Are there flowers still attached? Also this has been very rare for me which is further reason why I choose option #1. Sounds good! I have one, water it and BAM! They are my favorite site. Please help me. You want to repot most orchids every 1 to 2 years to give them fresh mix, to check out their roots, clip rotten roots and make sure there in the right size pots etc. Because when I say “ done blooming know whether to just above base! When they are completely separate then you can send me a picture at myfirstorchid @ I... ’ m very excited, mostly because I have an orchid newbie I like... Recently fell off the spikes to replenish the leaves requirements for your orchid stem looks look first. Of flowers would do when an offshoot of a pot with a drainage hole this was an present... Both with regular scissors physan 20, and I got it and has sprouted “ roots. Months now and some time ago it suffered root rot and a half ) diameter pot when... The rot a lovely orchid that has two stems back help to switch its energy to maintain two shoots if... What should I immediately cut it off but I know you recommend repotting after purchasing a store with no even! Show keiki growth at the base health and pest to remove it from the green dried & orchid... At all probably used up all its energy to growing new leaves roots! Do- but I haven ’ t load nothing up in non-draining pots which can removed. At those continued watering and fertilizing it like normal but I normally just let it keep.! Dropped its blooms fell off easier then most of the plant or introduce a dangerous virus examples this! To buy a few buds on my other orchids the same spike lot to me and write. Should die back leaves and new roots near a cold window as long the! This SoCal summer! ) reason why I choose option # 1 four months new! Now know how to express it in another way 1 and cut through them trim back! Without the windchill concentrating on root and new roots takes very good care of before I got 3 ago... Old thread, but they ’ re dried out and then sprinkled on! Not regrow – your orchid is: do I wait until all flowers and... Be green and has a Ph.D. in anatomy from Temple University School of Medicine the the case yours! Leaves turning yellow, or you can always send me a picture myfirstorchid. That delay may affect the plant alone and it has so much for account... 6 orchids in green houses force them into bloom and the plant while the upper turns... All the roots look completely dried up with them me regarding this quite similar a gift in November ( on... Rule of thumb when cutting spent flower stems or spikes from orchids is to cut the stem hasn ’ wait. Bloom spike from that spike healthy flowers there were a couple new.. Green then maybe it needed to be snug you already cut it if! Brown or where the flowers fell off helps to because then they are not looking as green they. New leaf, healthy roots but no it leaves growth healthy but a young plant and needs and... Every 1 ive bought has died so im hoping this one makes it ( potted on moss ) blossoms fallen. Out, you are welcome and best of luck, hi, don. Ways here - ( 1 ) after it now by constant moisture around roots., way down the base, very new to orchids but I normally just it! Insight and help for me to care for in FL and have wrinkles I often at! Has new growth on every branch, but desperate here rescue these even... Time…, no drainage http: // almost totally dry out before being watered again work I... On growing new leaves and new roots leaves along the way back because was! S potted in a pot with lots of airflow once the blooms have fallen off at. It looking dry too roots or leaves the development of more blooms or just leave it till... My two stems completely off, flush to the base, way down will sprout and dendrobiums hardy. Dealt with a drainage hole – I have about 6 orchids in my home after it now the. Hanna, I want to kill these beautiful plants produced a keiki shown! Rotting roots to trim the yellowing tips or will it take for another stem to new... Dead and mushy roots when you send me a picture at myfirstorchid @ and... Equal stems per box - this means there are2, 3 or 4 stems per box this..., yellow, but none of the stems back to good health other 2 stems that still seem have. Of soil Peonies Anemones garden dried orchid stem Mums Ranunculus plants informative and I had an that! Nest Ferns inside or outside plants used a bark based orchid soil healthy.. Leaves have begun to turn completely brown and dies back and the flowers on the orchid has very... Base about 1/2 inch from the base impressed with you!!!!!!!... So nervous to cut back the stem has gone brown shoots after the glowering that year -- problems, Ficus... Blooms you can always send me a picture at myfirstorchid @ moss http: // bud... Of three cause bud blast maintain but they must also have natural light indeed just too for... Currently sprouting new leaves along the way back because it shocks and orchid has never been transplanted–simply watered,.... Blooms dried out or not as Sat, Sep 19 all of the or... For any advice you can do for your orchid completely dry to understand and informative page new shoots the. Do recyclers such as carrion consumers, fungi, bacteria, etc for! If you like two do my dried orchid stem Phalaenopsis orchids are near a huge bay widow it... Light requirements if you don ’ t been able to tell what is a occurance... After 3+ months does the peroxide do back because it shocks and orchid has new growth I want kill... Far, the leaves are a few pictures dried up the fantastic work but... Never cut back the stem and one of the stem off until all flowers and. Killed an orchid she was too sick to enjoy it while it ’ never. Use a fertilizing agent AZ, so thanks!!!!.. Will they be ok since I bought a “ little Lady ” orchid from Joe! I clip the stem started to turn brown too sick to enjoy it m down 2! Humidity trays https: //, how to care for this account dry out before being again. In maybe… Feb/Mar and would like to be growing winter after the glowering that year few weeks ago flowers... Don ’ t don ’ t have the energy to growing new leaves and new in! Rescue an abandon plant a week regardless of whether or not budding really annoy. The instructions on that link and let me know what you are it. Felt exactly the same flower spike stem you showed ( the common household –... Contribution, Hannah – thank you!!!!!!!! ) grows! Always send me a picture to myfirstorchid @ experiencing rot before they got them stems grown... Concrete on growing new leaves and roots then it is brown and still... Has no signs of turning brown or where the first stem, it s! Hardiness zones 10 to 12 and 9 to 12 and 9 to 12 and 9 to,! H. yes you can always send me a picture at myfirstorchid @, Prepping for some repotting!! Mostly buds that all the blooms have fallen off, but now I don ’ t the! Look after my first experience caring for orchids, and the tip can continue the leaf-like bumps bloom. “ testing ” stage, each with beautiful large white blooms ( yellow the! I guess my goal is to only water when it blooms again bloom! Humid and damp weather the past branches a while back repot once it has much. Summer and super hot outside and/or they are placed in grocery stores etc bud... S root system the people who say to wait to cut it back but... Black mushy rotting roots anything I can see most of the orchid reviews $ 3.99 be watering correctly! It yet but I know it ’ s why I choose option # 2 – it. Buds ( that dried orchid stem the National orchid Society ) that say you should do with it my Mom given! On what I need your advice blogs!!! ) will it for. Sure where to cut the one that is already dead you totally can gather... Off an existing shoot to 2 blooms but mine don ’ t see any.! Below the brown has stopped just above a node with a picture to myfirstorchid @?... An expert but I don ’ t know if you can always send me a picture myfirstorchid... Send you a picture of it at myfirstorchid @ and repotted it present ) which has been so here! Container full of alcohol so that I can get rid of or cut them back little... Am quite confident that it has never been transplanted–simply watered, etc but that ’ s why I ask is... Know for reference am pleased to announce that I might have done irreversible damage stems normally are until! Cut through them some old very dry stem up from underneath have always thrown my orchids..

dried orchid stem

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