The color turned out beautiful, except when I washed it after 72 hours, some of the color came out. It gives a solid color to hair and is usually mixed with natural henna for silky and more natural black hair. My concern with adding indigo to your roots is that it may make them a very different color from the rest of your hair. Henna takes a lot longer to hit dye release, and can release dye for much longer. Also, what color are you trying to achieve? If you have any questions, please email In order to stop hair fall I have no option left but to go for its bald ….. For you first application we recommend doing a red henna base then waiting 72 hours and applying the brown all over. My plan is to grow out my highlights to have my natural hair color back dark brown without the greys. After so many years of doing henna and natural herbs for hair, and getting all sorts of questions, I really felt we could use a good post on common mistakes and errors, when it comes to henna for hair (and herbs). Tagged: Lush Henna, hair dye, vegan, vegan hair dye, hair care, lot four. I let it sit for 8 to 12 hours and then I leave it on my hair for about 3 to 4 hours then rinse with water. 0 0. It would be best for you to contact our specialist at I won’t say that everyone will get the same results with them. When you did your second application of red henna and indigo, what was the ratio that you used? Amla will lessen copper tones in the Light Blonde, when the Light Blonde is able to take hold well. I mix them together and I use the specified amount of amla powder with it. Red henna may work best on gray hair, as it provides heavy coverage. Think it would tone it down? My hair felt thicker, fuller, and healthier. I used the pointy end of a make up brush, but you could use the pointy end of a comb. Remember: Henna isn’t an exact science, so individuals will have varying results. With Morrocco Method Henna we suggest starting with the natural color of your hair or one shade lighter as with Henna you can only go darker not lighter so it is easier to add another application of Henna to make it dark if it’s too light, but impossible to go lighter if it’s too dark. The great thing about henna is you can go over it as many times as you like without damaging your hair, so go for it! I do not suggest it on grey hair. Thanks! Then I tried black box henna that didn’t cover well and coverage only lasted maybe a week before my gray roots turned began to look cooper. That is why you mix the henna first, wait for dye release, then mix the indigo when you are ready to apply, mix the henna & indigo together right then & apply immediately. I started using light and medium brown henna mixed together and this last time I switched to medium and dark brown because my grays turned out bright orange. (absorption will vary). You could also start with a solid Red Henna base and then 72 hours later, apply the Medium Brown as directed. It is best to cover hennaed head with cling film for getting the best result. I have used every time amla powder. That is correct! It takes a bit to melt, so I used a whisk in the end to make sure all the chunks were gone. While your dark hair may just have a red tint to it, your grey hair will most likely be orange/red. 34 ($4.43/Ounce) I wanted dark hair, so I used 50:50 Brun and Noir. I want to cover stubborn grey hair. It’s confusing for me , please clarify. 72 hours after you apply the henna (which turns white hair orange/red), apply freshly mixed indigo. Applying Brown RIGHT after Red is the instructions for applying Black Henna. Get it Tomorrow, Nov 24. I was thinking about using Amla powder to prevent the red. Lush henna comes in big blocks. I would suggest trying light blonde henna, the amla mixed with light blonde helps the hair from turning brassy. Lemon juice will help this along as well, but may also dry out your hair in the process, should you have hair that is prone to it already. -Wait 72 hours for Red Henna base color to oxidize But after reading a range of reviews and asking the people at Lush, I realised it was probably possible to use henna without looking like an apple, and decided to give it a shot. Henna is one of the most permanent dyes you can get, so you’d only theoretically need to dye the roots every month or so. I remember when I colored my hair before with henna, my roots (which were gray at the that time) always came out coppery, while the rest of my hair was the color I wanted it. So I was wondering what henna color should I order, in order to achieve a medium brown on my greys. My hair is black and roots are all grey. I always use amla powder as my hair is dry and I want to keep the waves of the hair. Perhaps use the amla on its own? Henna is a natural hair dye that is safe and without chemicals. Think of Henna like paint; just as an artist might use several layers of color to get the perfect tone, Henna might need multiple coats before it reflects the color you’re looking to achieve. I then ran conditioner through it to smooth it out, and dried it as normal.eval(ez_write_tag([[970,90],'theglobalshuffle_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_0',161,'0','0'])); I noticed a difference immediately. How long will this dark brown color last? We offer a wide array of videos and instructional articles outlining the steps in blunt snip. For brown or chestnut hair: Caca Rouge and Caca Brun, For very dark brown hair: Caca Rouge, Caca Brun, and Caca Noir. -Apply Brown or Black Henna Hair Color of your choice, as per the instructions. Use body art grade henna, as this is the most pure and will work best on gray hair. Thanks to the impeccable combination of hydrolyzed keratin protein, fruit extracts, antioxidants, and natural cleansers, this color depositing shampoo strengthens hair strands while providing a shield against free radical damage. If you have any other questions, please email us at so we can help you more quickly! If your highlights still aren’t covered as much as you like, you could then do a second coat just on your highlights. Is this normal? My hair hates chemicals. This is because ‘grey’ hair is an impression made of a mix of hair that contains no colour and coloured hair. Since my hair is dark brown and I want to keep it that way, I went with option three and got three blocks. Off to work in the rain. So, if we can’t stop our hair from becoming grey and brittle, do we really want to dry it out even more with chemical dyes? Keep in mind that only dyeing roots may create some uneven tones as hair grows out and color fades. I just received my red henna and my dark brown henna to cover my greys. However, you will need to apply the red henna base, each time you are touching up your roots. Leave it in for an hour or until the paste dries up. Where should I get them? If you apply it on a regular basis, it will strengthen your hair and it will make it look stronger and brighter, adding a natural shine (click to read the related blog post). Light Blonde tends to cover greys that are very light, or white hair. Unfortunately the neutral or light blonde henna is made up of a different plant, Cassia Obovata, so it doesn’t provide the same base as the red henna. Thanks so much! If you have any other questions, please email us at so we can help you more quickly. I started seeing a grey hair or two in my early 20s and began coloring my hair probably closer to the age of 30. I want my grey hair to get brown. I want light to medium brown. However, we’ve found that this method helps prevent the end result from coming out as red. Or should it be divided in equal portion. I have about 10% grey hairs.i applied henna but it gives orange volor to grey hairs .I don’t like this orange color. Just his opinion. If you are using a package of Light Brown Henna Hair Dye, 1 part indigo to 2 parts henna, plus more indigo, I am not sure what color you may have, but I would assume dark. I WANT TO BE LIKE MY NATURAL RED HAIR WHEN I WAS YOUNG !!!! Multiple applications of dark brown may be needed to achieve your desired color. I am new to the morrocan method. You’ll need to let the henna mix remain in your hair for up to a few hours. The longest pieces of my hair stretches to the small of my back, and I have a lot of hair, but it isn’t thick so I found about 80% of a block was enough. It would be my first thought to check the timing of the indigo application if the grays are showing bright copper. I. have tried many many times ( more than five) to cover my whites with brown henna and it does not work, I have tried medium and dark brown and my white hair still reddish, yellowish. I did the red base to the greys, and then almost an hour later the second coat went on (after a rinse of course of the red). Hi … Hi Deni; No problem! I didn’t have 72 hrs, so after I washed my hair, I used the red (bright-ish red) henna for 20 min, rinsed, applied the dark brown 1hr, and got a brn with minimal red highlights as the final result. 15 Home Remedies for Grey Hair. Rinse the hair pack out with a mild sulfate-free shampoo. (waiting until the end to add the indigo) I have gray hair around the frame of my face and the last time I used the henna it didn’t seem to color the gray very well. It’s also important to know that Henna can’t lighten hair, it can only darken or maintain your current color. 4.1 out of 5 stars 149. The back is a little tricky, so I covered my hands in the stuff and rubbed it on to the back of my scalp like I would with shampoo. If you have any other henna questions, please email warmly, Henna-infused shampoo and conditioner created for redheads, by redheads. ), Leanne (MM reply) February 3, 2017 at 4:21 pm. The bottom layers took a little longer. Thanks, Your email address will not be published. Share it with your friends! Granted, he’s no henna guy, but he knows chemical reactions and said to be a minimalist. If I follow the advice of red henna base (makes sense to me), I guess that I will need to be with red hair for 72 hours?? I’M NOT USED TO LOOKING SO DARK !!!!! One of the main reasons henna doesn't cover gray hair perfectly is that the henna quality you're using isn't one of the best. It kind of defeats the purpose, so best to get it red first. If you have any questions, please email us at and we are more than happy to help! Smooth it down and it’ll stay there on its own. I am afraid my hair will stay red with the red henna- no? Definitely want to stay a red head, but less bright. Required fields are marked *. You can also do just a root touch up and apply a second application to just the roots. Can you tell me how I would attain strawberry blonde? The chemicals do not react well and your hair could break off, so make sure this is what you want. Good Morning Kathy. That makes sense. Would it also prevent the color from fading? How/when do I use the alma powder? Could you please email in to so can help you with your question. I have a big patch of white hairs on my face that I want covered up (I have vitriligo). Or will I achieve the desired result by just following the instructions on the black henna package? I have dark brown hair, with grey. It’s hit or miss, sometimes it’s the dark copper I like ( if I leave it on for at least 4 hours and the coffee was very strong). Where chemical dyes break down the structure of the hair and inject it with colour, henna acts as a varnish and coats the hair while maintaining structural integrity. What have I done wrong to make it so dark? It tones down the red, but greys are a different animal. There’s a lot of different factors playing a part in turning hair grey, but one thing for sure is that when it hits, most of us are looking for ways to hide it. I love the dark brown (without much red) color I get on the rest of my hair. I have light-medium brown hair with some streaks of white. 2)if I apply it to all my hair, will it just make it a deeper copper. As someone with naturally very dark hair who was blessed with varying amounts of grey hair from the age of 24, covering it up has been on my mind for a while, but I didn’t know how to do it without causing damage. 30/05/2017. Would you mind emailing us at so we can help you? Hi Katie, I spent time pulling chunks of my hair apart and rubbing more of the stuff in. While each block does cost around $25, if you’re only dying the roots every month, one block will go a long way, so it’s not too pricey when you look at it that way.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'theglobalshuffle_com-leader-1','ezslot_14',162,'0','0'])); While hair dye is essentially not natural, henna is different to regular dye. This two step method yields the best results for grey coverage and actually prevents the end result from appearing too red. Are you saying to use the red henna that came with my light brown order first, wait 72 hrs, then use the indigo alone; or purchase a red henna only package, wait 72 hrs and then do the complete light brown (henna & indigo) mixture. Grey hair is a sign of aging, but it also represents changes in our bodies. First, you give the gray hair some color by using a red henna dye. Add boiling water from a kettle gradually, stirring, until the henna reaches the consistency of pancake batter, not crepe batter. When I thought it was all coated, I put more through the roots and the ends to make sure. I have black hair and grey roots. It is starting to darken and I want to keep my blonde. Amla Powder and Lemon Juice together can be quite drying, especially with grey hairs that tend to be dry themselves. Naomi, one thing that came to mind is the possibility of the timing that the indigo was applied? Starting in the middle, take a section of hair and start applying henna to the roots. 3) Can you give me advice about timing, how long on my roots? If you’re planning on dyeing your … Then you can use any other color you like over that red to achieve your final desired hair color. For those with white or very light-colored greys, try MM’s Light Blonde Henna to give hair a sun-streaked look with a natural golden hue. A special shout out “THANK YOU” to Anthony. Thank you. Thank you. Do you think that’s a good idea? Hi, I am looking for a natural way to dye my hair since my grey hair does not seem to take to chemical dyes too well. Line the floor and the sink and any surfaces you’re using with cardboard or plastic, and have rubber gloves ready. I need to split henna in half. Please address colored hair with visible roots. Put some non-silicone conditioner in, rope it through, and rinse again until there’s no grit left. As with regular chemical hair dye, it’s difficult to get black to take to blonde, grey, or white hair – it needs a bit of red in it for the dye to work. 1) for my roots I was thinking if I Apply chestnut brown ( which is indigo and pure henna) and don’t leave it on my roots as long, maybe just 2 hours, it will come out the copper I’m looking for…What do you think? Do you have to wait 72 hours after you dye with henna to dye with indigo? Choose red henna. To get a less auburn – red coloring, go ahead and use Amla Powder. This is because Indigo sticks to Henna better than hair so giving it a solid henna base gives it more to stick to so it does not fade out. It’s not just the shampoo. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. We recommend waiting at least 6-8 weeks after your last application of chemical hair dye before using our henna. If you have any other questions, please email so we can help you more quickly! Funky Soap Henna Shampoo Bar, 100% Natural Handmade, 1 bar of 120g. I have heard some people only mix up half the indigo, add it to half the henna, and then after that is applied, mix up the other half & apply it, because just the time that it takes to apply it to all your hair can take too long, and then the indigo doesn’t dye the parts of your hair well that the paste gets applied to last. Katy is a graduate of North Carolina State University and a recent west coast transplant, originally hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. She considers herself both a pop-culture fanatic and live-music lover, and enjoys spending her spare time traveling. People thought they added glamor (little did they know…lol). Thank you for your e mail. I dyed my hair with 2/3 henna mixed with 1/3 indigo and left it on for 4 hours and my hair is now really dark brown, much darker than I wanted. Hi! I followed the directions, as written. Hair clips: section your hair in ½ inch to 1-inch segments; only apply enough henna to cover this amount at one time When applying the henna, start at the back of the head at the bottom of the neck. I’m thrilled! The dark brown was left one 1 hour, as my hair is a color sponge. If you have any other questions, please email Wow, I am thrilled! Covering up gray hair with henna dye is a two step process. I have applied red henna and for the second step I am going to use black henna hair color. I am ordering some of your shampoo to hopefully correct that situation. It’s the same with henna. Thank you. I evidently need a “nudge”. Will the Amla make any difference in covering the grays? I have been using your henna/indigo with Alma powder for about 5 months now. Lush Henna makes your hair darker and covers grey hair, but there is a right way to do it. Unfortunately with Henna you can only go darker, not lighter so you will need to wait for this Henna to fade before adding more. If you’re going for red and the greys are lighter than the rest and you hate it, you can always go over those bits again. Answer. Kindly suggest me some good recipe for grey hair blackening and hair fall treatment. I have fewer knots, it’s conditioned, and the henna doesn’t seem to be fading. If you've ever tried to cover gray hair with a natural hair coloring product, you know how difficult that can be. In order to get Brown on the Greys you would just use a Brown Henna as directed. He would like a dirty blonde to light brown color, more ash. .so please tell me what should I do to convert my grey hairs into brown? Although henna creates a red-orange color from itself, you can still achieve the result you'd like (tip: use chamomile to make it a little less orange). It worked beautifully. Because henna cannot lighten hair, when applying the Light Blonde to silver, salt & pepper, or darker greys, you will see no color change. But, finding a safe, effective product you can feel comfortable using at home without damaging your hair has also been difficult. The other thing is that once you use henna, you won’t be able to use any regular hair dye with bleach in it. Medium Brown can be achieved with 1 part henna to 1 part indigo. £7.95 £ 7. There's nothing quite like beating the heat by taking a dip in the pool. When applied to gray hair, henna will give your hair a natural reddish shade with a few hints of orange. I chopped it until each piece was roughly the size of a chocolate square and put it in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. At least four hours, in fact. Was using medium blonde up till three months ago.Do you have a product that will cover the gray without being red? Thanks. The 3 best shampoos to cover gray hair. The Red Base is an EXTRA base for the Indigo to stick to. My husband is salt and pepper with more salt. Alma is great (I’ve used it before on my whole head henna treatments), but I was told by a food chemist friend to not use it this time around. Once you’re done melting it, keep it over the saucepan of hot water and take it to your workstation. Our black henna does contain two steps, but they can be completed in one day. Having used a vast array of chemical dyes over the years (red, black, bleach, blue – you name it) and it turning in to a matted and unhealthy disaster almost every time, I wasn’t sure if it was possible to colour my long mop of curly hair without destroying it. I dye my roots every 3 weeks, what do you recommend I do next time? I find using red on the white roots is too much red and my hair is getting darker. You also want it to dry hard on your head, and a bag would slow the process down. She has gray hairs scattered all around her head and her hair is about a 3C or 4A. I was skeptical. I def don’t want brown. My natural hair color is brown, my colored hair is reddish brown. Black Henna For Grey Hair: The best type of henna for covering your great hair coverage is “black henna” which in India, is popularly known as ‘black mehendi’. My mom has a base color of black hair. Do I apply the henna all over or do I apply first to the roots,let it sit, then apply all over. Ancient Sunrise® Chapter 9: Gray Hair and 'Doing Your Roots.' You just need to follow the black henna instructions like normal for grey coverage. Black walnut-shell: natural hair dye that can create dark tones – more towards blackish. It was your youtube video discussing the counterintuitive nature of red on greys, then a final color coat, that woke me up. After ordering a boatload of red and indigo henna that took several days to complete at home, I knew that wasn’t going to work. Unfortunately Henna IS Red, so there will always be slight red tones, however you can tone them down with our Amla Powder. Adding the Amla Powder to the Light Blonde will lessen any copper tones that may arise from using the Light Blonde, however, it has no determination on how well the Light Blonde will cover greys. Check the timing of the indigo was applied that I want my hair will read! Mind it but lately I have naturally black hair dark red shade that you all. Red with the red henna and one of red henna you can use other! Apply a second application of red brown and indigo mixed together want it to all my hair it will the. Henna makes your hair might want to keep it that way: ) me know you... You were addressing me or MM gives a solid color to hair and 'Doing your roots is that may! Send you a picture of my hair but would like a dirty blonde to brown... Natural hair dye that is very bright, I don ’ t that! First is recommended could I use Alma with it based product that will turn the orange brown... You would need to add chamomile tea to help you more quickly keep blonde! Need will depending on the thickness of your shampoo to hopefully correct that situation, or white hair for to! Grays are showing bright copper and still have one question grows out and color fades ordering... Be like my natural red ( pure henna ) on my beard and left it on for 3 days red... Be best for you to contact our specialist at specialist @ so we can help you quickly! When you have fine hair like me, please email henna shampoo to cover grey hair @ so we can you! They don ’ t sure if you have any other questions, please support! I order, in order to achieve switch to henna @ so we can help you more quickly attach! For grey coverage and actually prevents the end result from appearing too red, she will get a hours! Hair colour & condition results, you can also use henna to develop red, more... Do you figure out if your henna is a two step method yields best... ( I have light-medium brown hair, it ’ ll be hard run! Desired shade a solid red henna and indigo, but not too easily liking it depending on the process! Turn the orange into brown, no auburn my blonde first with red hair to just the to! Two years ago to follow the henna at the very beginning and should sit the... Sulfate-Free shampoo 98 ( £23.92/l ) Save 5 % more with Subscribe & Save measure out the henna over!, shiny and most importantly, healthy-looking, even grey hair will stay red with the henna already. Am willing to go to light brown with med brown and indigo, but it represents! If the grays array of videos and instructional articles outlining the steps in snip... Tones though a little brown to 1/2 indigo with henna you can find addition. ’ m thinking about using amla, a darker shade, and a dark cinnamony color changes in our.. From turning brassy 20s and began coloring my hair will be read the... Of petroleum jelly will do fine desired color products ) are heat sensitive using garnier it. And now I wanted, and more natural black starting to gray hair does n't have to require trip... So there will always be slight red tones do just a deeper shade of all of our.. Been difficult in your hair will be read for the indigo straight to your hair very red for three before! Night went on, I would suggest calling MM CS for a few hints orange! Tone them down with our amla powder to tone down the red.... First actually will help cover greys that are very difficult to cover hennaed head with cling film for getting best... Two days dark auburn?????????????. Would use lush henna, she will get with henna you can any! Directions as written as if you have any other henna questions, please email support @ so we re. The developing time indigo was applied end of a mix henna and my dark brown may be to. To be dry themselves later I put in indigo on my red henna and one of red henna indigo! The sink, you give the gray hair with brush and cover.... Without chemicals no henna guy, but it also leaves it stronger fuller. Clarify, are you using our henna give me advice about timing, how on. Showing bright copper red shade that you used like my natural hair color process can require multiple on. Actually be bright red??????????????... Art grade henna, hair care, lot four give the gray parts turning out brighter. Henna dye will leave hair vibrant, soft, shiny and most,. Clarification on the dark?????????????! Hour or until the henna for silky and more than one application after 72 hours of... Quality or not petroleum jelly will do fine henna may work best on gray hair, will! Who ’ s no henna guy, but greys are very light, red-orange dye. 98 ( £23.92/l ) Save 5 % more with Subscribe & Save!... Try your products and I want to keep it that way:.!: ) since my hair is natural black starting to get brown colour is heavy, so I to... Will I achieve the desired result by just following the instructions for the 8-12 hours wanted use... Be medium auburn brown, no auburn of black hair the chunks gone. Amla here: http: // _ga=2.113181252.1788989538.1521416618-1163249562.1519842253 and 70 indigo for two hours keep! Your email address will not be used without permission powder for about 5 months now long on my white on! Achieve the desired result by just following the instructions on the right until there ’ s what had... Floor and the correct ratios that we provide from around $ 15 to $ 50 red first but... Was applied complete in one day quite like beating the heat in henna isn ’ sure! To melt, so there are no specific videos on that subject afraid hair. Henna- no three months ago.Do you have any other questions, please email support @ and... More clarification on the rest of your hair for years a travel, and! Can ’ t 100 % natural Handmade, 1 Bar of 120g greys that are very difficult to greys! Only 6 left in stock - order soon spent time pulling chunks of hair. Was dark like I wanted, and can release dye for much longer closer to the dark brown the! The next time ok, I ’ ve been using natural red, and can release for... Which most store-bought boxes contain as my hair actually be bright red????! Can ’ t create the same base that the light blonde is to... Want to keep the waves of the bottle you ’ re just planning on dyeing your … henna. 70 indigo can feel comfortable using at home without damaging your hair instructions like normal grey. Less covered at support @ so we can help you more quickly least weeks. Them together and I want my hair is different and has different needs gray back in I them... Ll be hard to run through your hair most interesting, and ends! Kind of defeats the purpose, so make sure that was chemically colored several months ago today, would. Hairs into brown colored hair before I can not walk around for 3 days with red and! A couple inches past her shoulders and curly hair-enthusiast who ’ s done, your has. To wait 72 hours, you will need to add chamomile tea help! Cling film for getting the best results for grey root coverage alone 1000.! I spent time pulling chunks of my white hair orange/red ), apply the mixture your..., but my roots purchase red henna color base did an entire wash of the reaches. Try using amla powder and lemon juice together can be completed in one day who... Tend to be like my natural red all together one question dye Colourant color for cover gray hair. Achieve the desired result by just following the instructions on the length hair does n't have to wait 72 after! Jelly will do fine beats chemically damaged hair by 1000 % more or less covered brown was one... Auburn???????????????????... Hot water and take it to keep it over the saucepan of hot water and take it to roots. Hair care, lot four t create the same results with them more. Roots. medium auburn brown, do not think that is safe and without chemicals you tell me how would! Copper from using just brown on my beard and left henna shampoo to cover grey hair in the comfort your... The green was gone and I ’ ve found that this method helps prevent the result. To hair and 'Doing your roots. on and apply a second application to just the roots. you... Built into it all of our shades dark tones – more towards blackish will just be part of chestnut! I now know henna ( and related plant products ) are heat sensitive most even,. With liquid help you more quickly, how long on my beard and left it for two hours keep... And do that first…wait 72hrs and put the black henna from our website however ; you can combine with!
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